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April 13rd, 2018, "Green Beijing, Green Factory" Spring Outing

In April, when spring comes round to the earth again and everything looks fresh and gay, with the theme of “Green Beijing, Green Factory”, the staff in first biological started the spring outing.

The outing was divided into three parts.The first one was tree planting.we came to the tree planting base and showered with the drizzle of spring. Everyone actively participated in the tree planting activities. Everyone waved, shoveled soil, put trees, measured the distance and the bearing position, cultivated soil, and compacted it , heaped water circle. Every process was meticulous, the labor scene was busy and lively, and the small trees stood on the hillside. We bear the “build green Beijing and build ecological homes” in mind and added another green to Beijing. We also planted a tree planting monument for this event. Everyone had a green declaration in front of it and strived to be a green environmentalist.

The second session of the team building activity included expanding warm-up, staff interaction, and the Gone In 60 Seconds which showed the team communication skills, and the kangaroo jump which showed the teamwork. The cheers and discussions were heard from time to time at the event. Everyone was enthusiastic and active.

The last activity was strawberry picking, everyone sipped in the green strawberry field and tasted the fresh and sweet strawberries, while picking the bigger one into his/her box. Finally,everyone harvested two boxes of strawberries and took them and shared with their family.

Green, happy, sharing, our spring outing ended in a day of laughter!.